How to Pack Clothes Efficiently for Travel

After long hours of traveling, it is quite frustrating for a traveler to find out that all of his clothes get wrinkled and smelly as he unpacks. An efficient traveler packs clothes in an organized manner that minimize wrinkling, so they do not have to iron all of it at the hotel, which requires additional costs. Here are some clothes packing tips for travelers.

Get organized – A good way to organize your travel clothes in a single baggage is to sort them according to category. Place shirts on one area, pants on another, and all underwear and toiletries placed in separate bags. Some specialty stores also offer lightweight travel packing cubes that help keep your clothing and toiletries organized and eliminating the chances of having them mixed up during travel.

Keep it neat – Packing all the clothes in one go is not the way to make a neat travel bag. Put clothes one by one with organization in mind. If you have clothes that may need ironing but do not want to pay for additional costs, consider using packing folders to keep garments pressed. Some folders can even hold up to 15 pieces of clothing.

Avoid wrinkling – A good way to save space and prevent wrinkling is to roll each shirt and shorts, while pants and dresses should be folded at the knee. Rolled-up garments take up smaller space, but that theory does not apply on larger pieces such as pants. To pack pants and and dresses, place the top half inside the luggage and leave the bottom draped outside. When all garments are stacked inside the baggage, fold the bottom of the garments back into the luggage.

Keep it smelling fresh – To reduce the incidence of “airplane smell” as you unpack, place a scented dryer sheet or incense bag in between layers of clothing as you pack.

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